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It’s a Misdemeanor to Sleep in a Public Space in Las Vegas
It’s a Misdemeanor to Sleep in a Public Space in Las Vegas

On November 1, 2019, a new law went into effect in Las Vegas that prohibits individuals from sitting or sleeping in public areas when there are beds available at homeless shelters. Before the bill was passed, it was met with controversy, with people saying that it was a way ...

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  • Is Copyright Infringement a Civil or Criminal Matter?

    A copyright is a type of protection given to the owner of creative works that affords them exclusive rights for distributing the material. If a person ...

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  • The Draskovich Law Group Pursues Justice After Police Shooting

    Excessive Police Force Threatens the Wellness of Our Communities Sommer Richards was holding a shovel when she was shot 7 times by Police Officer ...

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  • Is It Illegal to Burn a Flag?

    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affords us the right to freely express ourselves. Of course, those protections aren’t absolute, which ...

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  • When Consensual Sex with a Person 16 or Older Is a Felony

    Under NRS 200.364(10), the age of consent in Nevada is 16 years of age. That means the individual can lawfully agree to have sex with someone 18 years ...

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  • How Taking a Cashout Voucher Could Lead to a Felony Charge

    On August 10, 2019, a 39-year-old man walked up to a slot machine at a casino. He was planning on playing and saw that a cashout voucher was in it. ...

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  • What Does it Mean to Be Released on Your Own Recognizance?

    If you are arrested for allegedly committing an offense, you may be put in jail until you make bail. Bail is an amount of money you pay the court to ...

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  • Is it Illegal to Speak with a Witness During a Criminal Case?

    During a criminal trial, the prosecutor might call forward witnesses to strengthen their case against the defendant. For a number of reasons, the ...

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  • Nevada’s Law Concerning “Habitual Criminals”

    In Nevada, if a person has a history of committing crimes and they are found guilty of another offense, they could be facing an increased prison ...

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  • How to Prepare for a Preliminary Hearing

    The preliminary hearing is one of the first steps in a criminal trial process for felony and gross misdemeanor offenses. It is the point at which the ...

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