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Sex Crimes Defense in Nevada

The internet has made it easier to buy and sell products and services of all kinds, including sexual favors. There are many ways for people to offer and purchase sex online, which can also, unfortunately, lead to innocent offers or conversation being misconstrued. Law enforcement agents are fully aware of these trends and they often engage in sting operations to deter people from purchasing or offering sex for money.

If you have been arrested for solicitation over the internet, it is important that you speak with a Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer from The Draskovich Law Group right away.

Serious Penalties for Internet Solicitation

In Las Vegas, two parties can be charged with solicitation of prostitution, the one perceived as the prostitute and the "john" or individual seeking services. Although online solicitation charges are misdemeanors in most instances, a conviction can affect your life in a number of different ways.

The penalties for solicitation over the internet include:

  • Time in jail
  • Significant fines
  • Sex offender registration

Defense for Internet Solicitation Charges

In Nevada, law enforcement must only show that a person offered or agreed to engage in sex for money or money for sex in order to prove solicitation took place. If you have been charged with solicitation, you need to speak with a Las Vegas sex crimes attorney who can fight the charges you are facing.

At The Draskovich Law Group, we have dedicated our practice to defending men and women from all walks of life against criminal charges. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have defended many individuals against solicitation of prostitution charges and are often able to resolve these cases without you ever having to appear in court.

A few examples of the way internet solicitation can occur include:

  • Posting advertisements offering sex
  • Posting an advertisement requesting sex
  • Taking out money to pay for sex/sexual favors
  • Agreeing to pay someone over the internet for sex

Whatever the circumstances, our firm is committed to taking an aggressive stance against your charges. Contact us now at (702) 381-6590 for a free case consultation and learn how our firm can help.

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