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Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas and in the Entire State of Nevada?

Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas and in the Entire State of Nevada?

Where is Prostitution Legal in Nevada?

Although prostitution is against the law in most areas of the United States, the rules are different in the state of Nevada. In fact, prostitution is legal when it occurs in a brothel.

However, despite the legality of prostitution in the Silver State, there are many circumstances in which prostitution is considered unlawful. It is critical to know the laws for brothels and the situations where prostitution can lead to criminal charges.

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Where is Prostitution Illegal in Nevada?

In Nevada, counties which have a population of fewer than 700,000 people can run brothels within county lines. Since Clark County, where Las Vegas is, has over 700,000 residents, prostitution is considered illegal in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, there are several counties that have laws banning brothels. For instance, Washoe County, where Reno is located, prohibits brothels and prostitution.

While Nevada's favorite tourist destinations do not permit lawful prostitution, there are currently 19 brothels in operation that span eight different counties. Legal brothels must adhere to strict safety regulations—such as the use of condoms and monthly blood testing for STDs—established by Nevada law.

What About Escorts?

Visitors of Las Vegas will often notice flyers circulating the strip that provide escort services. Although these flyers may appear to promote sex as a service, they never explicitly say that those services are available. In fact, it is against the law to advertise prostitution services.

However, escort services are legal within Clark County. Compared to prostitution, escorts are defined as individuals who keep clients company in private or public settings. They must be licensed and carry work cards and are not allowed to participate in prostitution. If an escort engages in sexual conduct for money, they could potentially lose their license and even face criminal charges.

Attempting to purchase sexual services from an escort could lead to solicitation charges. On the other hand, escorts offering sexual services in exchange for money could be charged with prostitution. It is not uncommon for undercover stings to take place in order to catch people attempting to solicit escorts for sex or catch escorts who provide sexual services.

If you have been arrested for prostitution or solicitation, you need experienced legal counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can thoroughly review your case and determine your legal options to help you either get your charges dismissed or reduced.

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