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2022 Crime Recap

2022 Crime Recap

The past year has been an eventful one for high profile crimes. From the only trial related to the Epstein case to the sentencing of several former girlbosses, we are taking a look back at 2022 – a year in crime.

Elizabeth Holmes

Former girlboss fallen from grace, Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for fraud related to the now defunct Theranos company. Holmes made her name by making big promises to the scientific and medical communities and became infamous for her inability to deliver.

After promising investors and potential patients that the revolutionary blood testing technology was successful during the research and development stage, many became suspicious of the increase in funding requests and the lack of evidence that the technology was even real. Eventually, whistleblowers alerted the media of a massive fraud scheme with Holmes at the helm. She was prosecuted along with her business partner and rumored boyfriend Sunny Balwani and sentenced in 2022.

Nicholas Cruz

The Parkland school shooter, Nicholas Cruz faced a judge and jury this year for the murder of 17 and wounding of nearly 20 students and faculty members of the high school. Cruz not only went before the court, but he also faced outside pressures related to the Uvalde shooting in Texas which took place right before his trial was scheduled to begin.

The similarities between the two cases raised concerns about the fairness of the jury when news broke of the Uvalde massacre with near daily coverage. The concern was that the jury may have heard about Uvalde and developed a bias against Cruz that would not have existed prior.

Anna Delvey

Disgraced socialite and former It-girl Anna Delvey finally attended her trial after waiting for nearly five years in custody. Delvey, a nobody from Germany knew she wanted to be famous from a young age. So, she made a way for herself in fashion from Paris to New York City where she entered the NYC social scene. She used her vague European air to attract others to her inner circle and used her compelling personality to persuade them to give her money, connections, and more.

However, as she rose to fame and gained wealth many around her began to have suspicions. Businesses she had swindled began making claims and even former friends stepped forward to make accusations. Delvey was sent to Rikers for a time to await trial and is now facing the court.

A popular streaming show was released during this time that glamourized Delvey’s lifestyle and many viewers who were not aware of her before developed a false image of the swindler. Like many true crimes shows, fans came out of the woodwork to praise her “girlboss” energy and rewrite her story more sympathetically. However, it is important to note that Delvey hurt many people who put their trust in her.

Ghislaine Maxwell

The only trial to come out of the Epstein case involved one of his closest confidents and collaborators – Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell joined forces with Epstein after becoming a socialite transplant from the UK to the NYC. The pair not only became companions, but they also fell into business together as procurers.

Over the years, they procured whatever the wealthy were willing to pay top dollar for. Whether their wares included underage women, drugs, or wealth protection, G and E were the one stop shop for the rich and famous including former presidents and dignitaries.

However, Ghislaine’s trial this year was not a proxy for Epstein’s crimes. Her trial focused on sex trafficking charges and accusations of grooming. Grooming is a term that has gained almost pejorative associations, but in reality, grooming is the conditioning of a person to commit an act that they would not otherwise consent to. Typically, grooming is a process used by predatory adults to coerce children into sexual acts. In Ghislaine’s case the latter seemed to be the focus.

This is the first case to address grooming in a formal court setting and is the only trial involving major players in the sex trafficking ring on Epstein’s Island (so far). Ghislaine has been sentenced to serve a term in a federal prison.


These cases all set precedents in one way or another. Whether they involved new sympathies or old hurts they called up a new era of law in the criminal justice system. Future cases will be prosecuted based on these verdicts and there could be a major shift over time.

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