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The Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell: Part Two

From England to New York and Florida, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein ingratiated themselves into some of the most prominent social circles in the world. They were building an empire of influence that would outmatch the governments and legislators who would eventually crack down on them. Join The Draskovich Law Group this month as we dive deeper into the cesspool of money, power, and lives that served as a foundation for the Epstein Empire.

Moving Up in the World

At the height of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s personal and professional relationship, they had become real estate investors and owned expansive property in the UK and the United States. Two properties, in particular, would be their most significant investment ventures and where the Epstein empire would crumble.

A sprawling mansion in West Palm Beach, Florida, and a resort compound in the Virgin Islands became a central connecting point for the rich, famous, and politically powerful. The house, before it was demolished, contained countless massage rooms and was run with a firm hand by Maxwell and the staff. Investigators believe that Epstein and Maxwell allegedly drew in young girls and groomed them in the Palm Beach estate.

As for the compound in the Virgin Islands, pleasure and wealth were the order of the day. The property is on a small island off the coast of Great St. James – both owned by Epstein. The only way to access the property is by boat or plane, and the pilot’s logs are central to the Maxwell trial.

The main property on Little St. James sprawled across over 70 acres of land. Numerous photos of celebrities, politicians and influential people with underage girls surfaced at this estate. When the Epstein story broke, the island property was dubbed “Epstein’s Island” and took over the public’s interest in the case.

Little Helpers

During the early aughts, the pair had built their empire to its zenith and needed more space for their operation. Expansion meant bringing more people on board to handle the workload. One person allegedly played a critical role in the operations of the island and Epstein and Maxwell’s properties and businesses. Virginia Roberts Giuffre allegedly managed “the girls” and kept the underage staff in line with an iron fist.


The investigation into Epstein began in 2005 when accusations of child sex abuse arose. The indictment against Epstein cited a period between 2002 and 2005 when Epstein allegedly used minor girls for sex and to recruit more young women.

The wild life of Epstein and Maxwell began to unravel when other prominent men began facing criminal charges as a result of the #MeToo movement – a movement highlighting the extensive sexual abuse against women in Hollywood and at major companies.

Rumors surfaced about a Wall Street financier who offered friends the chance to partake in his network of trafficked underage victims on a remote island. Within a matter of months, Epstein was arrested and sentenced and incarcerated for his alleged crimes, and federal investigators began investigating Ghislaine Maxwell and other key players.

Epstein died in prison on August 10, 2019, triggering a further investigation into Ghislaine Maxwell.


Ghislaine and Epstein worked closely together and created a massive sex trafficking ring for the rich and famous. The investigation into their affairs took decades to move forward. Bothe Ghislaine and Jeffrey played a part in these crimes, but only one of them is facing criminal consequences.

Join The Draskovich Law Group next time as we cover the criminality of the Epstein empire and Ghislaine Maxwell’s primary role in the investigation.