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Tyre Nichols: What We Know

Tyre Nichols: What We Know

Protests erupted after 29 year old Tyre Nichols was killed by police on video. While protests were concentrated in Memphis, thousands across the nation have voiced their frustration and fear.

Tyre Nichols

Nichols was a 29 year old pulled over for reckless driving on January 7th but it’s important to recognize that he was more than a victim of brutal police violence. Nichols was the proud father of a 4 year od son and loved skateboarding in his free time. He was a nature photographer originally from Sacramento and arrived in Memphis prior to the COVID-19 outbreak where he started a job at FedEx.

January 7th-10th

Police claim they pulled Nichols over for reckless driving. Nichols attempted to flee on foot when officers attempted to arrest him. The next day, January 8th, police arrested Nichols after his confrontation with police but bodycam footage showed a violent arrest with police beating him repeatedly.

According to the Nichols family, Tyre complained about trouble breathing after his release and was beaten so severely that he was barely recognizable. On January 10th, Nichols passed away. Memphis police released the bodycam footage of the arrest which showed a brutal beating with police dragging him from the car and attempting to deploy a taser.

The video also catches Nichols calling for his mother and trying to tell police that he was just trying to get home. Police proceeded to beat him with a baton and kick and punch Nichols long after he was already on the ground. Nichols was only 100 feet away from his home.


In reaction to the horrific tragedy, thousands gathered on the streets of Memphis and around the United States after the footage was released. Marches, vigils, and demonstrations took place with extensive coverage of the events.

The officers involved in the shooting were removed from duty as a result and are each charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official oppression, and official misconduct.


Tyre Nichols is not the first to die from police brutality but his death is a reminder of the risks accused individuals face during and after an arrest. The police who caused Nichols’ death did not inform him of his rights or treat him with respect and dignity.

If a person is arrested, they must be informed of their right to legal representation and warned that their words and actions in custody could be held against them in court. Those facing criminal charges should contact an attorney immediately to protect their rights.

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