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House Rules: Who Is Responsible for an Accident at a Casino?

House Rules: Who Is Responsible for an Accident at a Casino?

If you slip and fall on a marble casino floor or are hurt by hazardous conditions who is responsible? When alcohol, bets, and bad management meet, accidents happen but you may be entitled to compensation if you are the victim of negligence.

Premises Liability and Duty of Care

Premises liability is a property owner’s legal responsibility to either warn visitors of hazardous conditions or prevent them lest they take responsibility for the visitor’s injuries should they occur. Liability in these cases relies on a concept called duty of care.

A duty of care is the legal responsibility to adhere to standards or rules applicable to a business. For example, a bank has a duty of care to handle their customer’s money responsibly and not steal – a doctor has a duty of care to their patients to provide reasonable medical intervention.

For property owners, they have a duty of care to visitors and workers on the site to provide a safe environment. Whether this responsibility includes keeping facilities clean, doing regular maintenance, or abiding by federal and state regulations.

Casinos have a duty of care to maintain the facilities and abide by gambling and food safety regulations in addition to liquor laws. There is a lot to be cognizant of which can mean there are gaps in adhering to the duty of care. Depending on the circumstances, an injury could be the fault of these oversights, or the liability may belong elsewhere.


Accidents in a casino can happen any number of ways. However, not all accidents may be the casino’s fault. For example, if a person ignores a wet floor sign and falls, they cannot hold the casino liable.

The casino may be responsible for these accidents however:

  • Food poisoning: Food prep is critical to businesses with a food service operation. Casinos must ensure that on site restaurants practice food safety.
  • Slip and falls: These are common accidents, but if the casino management does not take proper precautions to notify guests of or prevent hazardous conditions
  • Transportation: Transportation provide by the casino should be safe and all drivers should be properly vetted.

It is important to recognize that if a casino does not take steps to protect guests, they may be held liable.

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