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What FOSTA & SESTA mean for Nevada Sex Workers

What FOSTA & SESTA mean for Nevada Sex Workers


Before we can discuss the implication of the FOSTA and SESTA bills, we must first define them.

  • FOSTA is the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, designed to prevent websites from facilitating online sex trafficking. It holds website owners accountable for acts of sex trafficking and prostitution that occur on interactive computer services they own.
  • SESTA is the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, amending Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, a sweeping federal law aimed at combating sex trafficking by prohibiting the use of online websites to promote sex work. SESTA broadly applies to criminalizing the use of a cell phone to facilitate sex transactions between consenting adults.

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What Does FOSTA/SESTA Mean for Sex Workers?

Unfortunately, the piggybacking bills make is difficult for sex workers to screen, expose or otherwise vet their clients; forcing sex work underground and making their normal way of earning a living illegal. Las Vegas sex workers, including strippers and prostitutes, are now unable to let other sex workers know when a client was violent or abusive. In addition, the censorship and removal or blocking of sexually-charged content or profiles is now at the discretion of website owners, which is a highly controversial issue. Who is to decide what content is solicitous when the climate of social media thrives on showing skin and pushing the envelope?

It is likely that SESTA/FOSTA is making it even more unsafe for sex workers and trafficking victims, because being arrested is not a means of rescue. The criminalization of what used to be a legal means to a living creates detrimental impact on those who may already be impoverished, hiding from abusive partners or otherwise in dire straits. The fear of criminal charges may be putting otherwise law-abiding sex workers at risk, even subjecting them to irrational treatment regarding those who are supposed to protect them.

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