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Can My Sealed Criminal Record Be Reopened?

Can My Sealed Criminal Record Be Reopened?

Once your criminal record has been sealed, it’s very rare that the record can be reopened. There are only very limited circumstances when prosecutors or agencies may look into your sealed criminal record, such as if you have been arrested for a similar offense after your charges were dismissed. Another example is if you were convicted and the prosecutor can apply to reopen your criminal record to find information about any other parties who were involves in the crime. One other, rare case is if an agency wants to inspect your criminal record for a purpose such as determining your fitness to hold specific licenses. One other case is if you would like to inspect your own sealed criminal record.

Why Can’t My Criminal Record Be Completely Expunged in Nevada?

Sealing a criminal record does not mean it is invisible. Rather, the record still exists, it’s just it’s much more difficult to find. Some states allow for record expungements, like California, but Nevada does not. Practically speaking, there is little difference between record sealing and expunging. Your lawyer can explain to you whether you are eligible for record sealing.

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A criminal record can haunt you for years, especially when you are trying to put your past behind you and start fresh. It can impact your ability to obtain specific jobs, get a bank loan, and other public benefits. Our attorneys in Las Vegas can help you leave the past behind. At The Draskovich Law Group, we have the knowledge and experience to help you through the process of sealing your criminal record and talking you through the process of whether you are eligible to do so.

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