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What Is the Casino Marker Law?


Understanding the Casino Marker Law

A Casino Marker is a short-term, interest-free loan given to casino patrons for the intent of use while gambling. These lines of credit are not considered debt but are instead considered checks, which means that legally, if it is not paid back within a reasonable amount of time, it is considered fraud. You typically have up to 30 days to repay a casino marker, at which point high interest begins accumulating. Failure to pay will result in the casino contacting the District Attorney’s Office, followed by criminal charges being filed.

Criminal charges for casino crimes are a serious matter and should be handled by a professional criminal defense attorney who knows the Las Vegas legal system. The defense lawyers at The Draskovich Law Group can help you fight your case and will stand by you in court.

Penalties of Casino Marker Fraud

The penalties of casino marker fraud do not start with law enforcement. The first thing that a casino will do if you do not pay your marker is withdraw the money from your bank account. When you receive a casino marker, the casino will typically take your bank account information before issuing the marker, which they can use if you fail to pay.

If the casino cannot withdraw the money, they will then move to formal and criminal complaints against you. You will be informed in writing, via a certified letter, of the fraud and amount owed, to which you must reply within 10 days. If you do not reply, or if a criminal complaint has not already been filed, the casino will turn the matter over to the District Attorney to handle from there forward. The District Attorney will send you another certified letter with the amount due including added state fees, interest, and processing fees.

If these two attempts are not effective, you are then issued a warrant for arrest. Failure to respond and pay is a felony D if the casino marker is over $650.

A felony D conviction can result in:

  • Fines up to $5,000 plus administrative fees and payment of the outstanding debts
  • Mandatory jail time from 1-4 years
  • Criminal record on file
  • 5 year waiting period for record sealing

In addition to legal consequences, your options for housing and employment may be affected by your criminal record, as well as your right to gun ownership.

Criminal Defense You Can Count On

If you are charged with casino marker fraud, or any casino crimes, you need a strong criminal defense team you can rely on to fight your charges and protect your freedom. Don’t risk your freedom, or the financial fines, that go along with a conviction. Put your legal concerns in our hands so you have the best chance possible of a positive outcome.

Contact our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at The Draskovich Law Group today at (702) 381-6590.