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Attorney Robert Draskovich Takes On Two Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

Attorney Robert Draskovich Takes On Two Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

Attorney Robert Draskovich is currently representing two sets of parents who are being investigated for child abuse. Specifically, the parents in these cases have been suspected of shaking their children, resulting in physical symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Shaken baby syndrome is the condition babies sustain after being violently shaken by a person. The shaking causes damage to the child's developing and sensitive brain, destroying cells and depriving the organ of oxygen. The result can be a host of developmental and physical issues, including even paralysis, coma, and death.

News Feature

One of Attorney Draskovich's cases was recently featured on the local news. Courtney Sparks and her husband dropped off their 17-month-old baby, Celeste, with a babysitter and now believe that the babysitter harmed their child. However, police have focused their investigative efforts on the Sparks family and currently do not consider the babysitter a suspect.

Attorney Draskovich and the Sparks family are hoping that police consider some newly volunteered evidence: polygraph test results. Both parents took and passed the tests, which Attorney Draskovich believes is indicative of their innocence in this case. "Contrary to conventional wisdom, polygraphs are extremely reliable," Draskovich explained to reporters, "provided that the polygrapher is searching for the truth, versus just a piece of evidence trying to convict somebody."

Meanwhile, the Sparks are devastated by what has happened to their child—a difficult time that has been compounded by the police's suspicions. "It's really challenging as a mother to think about my daughter and how happy and healthy she was," said Courtney Sparks, "and to see her now where everything for her now is a struggle." Attorney Draskovich characterized the police's interest in the Sparks' as suspects as "outrageous."

A New Understanding of Shaken Baby Syndrome

While shaken baby syndrome is a real threat to babies who are exposed to abusive adults, there has gradually been a finer understanding of its effects and how similar symptoms can result from other causes. This new scientific evidence has led to overturned convictions of wrongly accused adults who were convicted of hurting their own children.

Attorney Draskovich regularly looks to the latest scientific research and consults with experts to examine the cases he handles. In these cases, there is a possibility of alternate causes of these child's health conditions. There have been cases where metabolic and bleeding disorders, stroke, vitamin deficiency, certain kinds of infection have mirrored the effects of shaken baby syndrome. In 2011, The New York Times chronicled the stories of several families who had faced false accusations of shaken baby syndrome and the new science that continues to challenge its perceived prevalence.

Attorney Draskovich is carefully exploring these possibilities and ensuring that, in both cases, the grieving parents are given the consideration they deserve by our justice system.

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