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Monetary Support for Crime Victims Is on the Way: Here's What You Should Know

Monetary Support for Crime Victims Is on the Way: Here's What You Should Know

Nevada has been at the center of violence for years, and now, the state may be getting funding to help support the survivors of these violent crimes.

Federal Support

The Department of Justice is releasing $40 million to Nevada in an effort to assist crime victims. Those involved in mass shootings and other crimes continue to struggle through physical and emotional recovery – the federal government is working to solve the issue with funding to the state.

However, a large portion of the money has been delayed since April, despite its speedy approval by congress. Additionally, an audit by the Department of Justice found that money from earlier relief efforts was also unavailable for years until now because the Department of Health and Human Services failed to comply with federal conditions.

Nevada lawmakers are trying to expedite the distribution of the money to ensure that those who need it most. It seems that most of the funding will come from multiple different sources to reach a wide variety of victims.

Why the Money Didn't Come Sooner

The investigation into Nevada's distribution efforts revealed more than noncompliance. The audit revealed other mistakes that resulted in millions of potential losses. Nevada officials failed to track expenses and distribute priority funding according to federal guidelines.

Advocates and community leaders have been working tirelessly to persuade Nevada lawmakers to take quick action, and it's finally paying off. So far, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is leading efforts to import federal support and distribute it to the necessary groups as efficiently as possible.

Why Federal Support Matters

The unfortunate reality is that the state is focused on more pressing issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been little time until now to get financial support back on track.

Victims of the October 1 and Route 91 Harvest Festival shootings are still struggling with the pain and loss. They need support from the state and their communities to continue the healing process, and they're finally getting it.

Other crime victims will also be getting the help they need: "This federal funding will help us provide Route 91 survivors with the support they need to heal and provide victim compensation and resources to Nevadans who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault," Senator Masto said in a statement to reporters.

Improving conditions for victims also goes a long way toward supporting the Nevada justice system as a whole. By taking care of victims who desperately need support, communities can begin to heal and the anger and devastation that prevents many of them from moving forward.

Additionally, Senator Masto's dedication to helping victims shows an initiative that will hopefully apply to the justice system in Nevada. If lawmakers can make a worthwhile effort to push for change in this way, there may be hope for reform in other areas of the law.


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