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5 Most Common Crimes Over the Holidays


The holidays are celebrated by spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts, and giving yourself a break from the daily grind. Unfortunately, this time of year is also associated with a significant spike of certain crimes.

The following are the most common crimes committed during the holiday season:

  1. Theft – The pressure of getting gifts for loved ones can be too much, especially when financial struggles are involved, which is why many people resort to committing various theft crimes during the holidays. Since stores are busy and retail workers/security guards are overwhelmed with more shoppers than usual, shoplifting often occurs. While more and more people doing their shopping online, there has been an increase of mail and package theft by “porch pirates.”
  2. Burglary – Since many families plan trips during the holidays, their homes are left empty for several days or even weeks. Just like in the movie “Home Alone,” burglars will drive through and scan residential neighborhoods in search of unoccupied homes. Not only do these burglars target homes, but also vehicles, especially if there are gifts or other valuables inside.
  3. DUI – Whether you are at a family gathering or work party, alcohol consumption is typically involved in the festivities. Consequently, there is a substantial increase in drunk driving accidents, which is why there is also a rise in DUIs because there are more officers on the road and sobriety checkpoints to arrest suspected drunk drivers.
  4. Sexual Assault – Alcohol – as well as certain drugs – can impair judgment and compromise the ability to move, which is why rape and sexual assault can occur. Women are especially vulnerable to being victim of such sex crimes since they can reach a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) if they consume alcohol at the same rate as their male counterparts.
  5. Domestic Violence – When you combine the stress of the holidays with being around family members during this time of year, this can lead to more incidents of domestic violence. Alcohol consumption and drug use could lead to more emotional outbursts and violent incidents.

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