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Arrested on the Vegas Strip - What To Do Next

Arrested on the Vegas Strip - What To Do Next

While it is important to have a good time and enjoy yourself when visiting Vegas, it’s very easy to take indulgences too far. A simple unruly action or poor judgment call could lead to serious criminal charges. If arrested while on the strip, don’t panic. Read the following steps on what to do next.

Remain Silent and Contact a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If authorities arrest you on the strip, take advantage of your 5th amendment right, and remain silent.Do not talk about or answer any questions regarding the crime, as anything you say during or after your arrest could be used against you in court. Legally, you can hire an attorney of your choosing, and nothing your attorney says on your behalf can be used against you in court. Calmly contact a criminal defense attorney, and follow their instructions.

Analyze Your Charges

Las Vegas police can make an arrest on the strip for a number of crimes, including:

Your attorney will help you develop a solid defense and gather evidence to challenge the charges that have been made against you. They will also evaluate the best options for your specific charges, such as discussing the case with the prosecutor or negotiating a plea bargain. Listen to the suggestions of your attorney and discuss your concerns.

Present Your Case

During your hearing, your attorney will use witnesses, testimonies, and other evidence to defend you. Depending on the severity of the crime, this process could take a matter of hours or days. During this time, the prosecutor has the ability to drop or reduce the charges against you. Additionally, your attorney can attempt to negotiate a plea bargain in exchange for reduced charges.

Once your attorney and the prosecutor have exhausted all arguments, the court will analyze the case and make a decision. A few different things could happen at this time: The court can convict you of the crime or they could find you innocent and drop all charges. Depending on the crime itself, your sentence can range from a simple fine to years in prison. That is why it is incredibly important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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At The Draskovich Law Group, Chtd, we aggressively advocate for you and work to protect your constitutional rights. With more than 250 cases to our name, our criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to analyze your charges, investigate the evidence against you, and defend your case. We have successfully fought against hotel and casino charges, solicitation charges, drug charges, and more. Don’t risk your future – contact a firm with a record of success.

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