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From the moment of accusation, too many people assume that the person accused is guilty. At the Law Office of Turco & Draskovich in Las Vegas, when you ask for our help, we begin with the presumption of innocence. An experienced sex crimes defense lawyer will listen to what you have to say, we will begin immediately to protect your rights, and we will start our own investigation into the allegations.

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The presumption of innocence is a sacred legal principal that our American system of justice has borrowed from the old English Common Law. Unfortunately, this crucial protection is often cast aside when an allegation of child sexual abuse is made. An attorney who treats a child sexual abuse case like any other criminal charge does so at the accused person's peril.

At the Law Office of Turco & Draskovich, we have more experience with child sexual abuse cases than any other law firm in Clark County, Nevada. We know how difficult this can be to the accused person when law enforcement, the community and even the accused person's family believes the accused person is guilty.

Cases we handle include sexual assault on a minor under 14, lewdness on a minor under 14, sexual assault on a minor under 16. The age of consent in Nevada is 16.

Child sexual assault defense requires experience and knowledge.

Defending an individual facing child molestation charges, child sexual assault charges or other child-related sex crimes requires a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle the complex issues that sex cases present. Many criminal defense attorneys either assume that their client is guilty, or believe that the charges are unbeatable, prematurely concluding that no viable defense exists.

As a trial lawyer, Robert M. Draskovich knows how to investigate the allegations, how to recognize false accusations, how to investigate and cross examine witnesses, how to understand the full context of the charges. Mr. Draskovich knows how to select a jury for a sex crimes trial and how to present an effective case.

Our priority is your defense.

If you have been accused of a sex crime against a child, you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to fight back against the charges. Contact us. We represent clients arrested in Clark County, Nevada.