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Attorney Draskovich's Client, Las Vegas Nightclub Promoter, Cleared of Rape Charges

Attorney Draskovich's Client, Las Vegas Nightclub Promoter, Cleared of Rape Charges

In early May of 2017, the trial of nightclub promoter Frederick Richards for kidnapping and sexual assault charges opened in Las Vegas. Richards, then 48, was accused of raping a 25-year-old woman in 2014 after buying her a drink at Hyde nightclub. The woman claims she was out with her friends and remembers going home with Richards, but remembers nothing else before waking up on the floor of his bedroom with her skirt lifted and underwear removed.

Richards has also been implicated in two other sexual assault cases in years past, 1 in 2002, and another in 1997, both in Los Angeles. However, Frederick Richards confirms that he had sex with each woman in question, though he maintains each instance was consensual. As a nightclub promoter, Richards frequents the late-night scene as a part of his job, and openly owns to having many sexual partners.

After hearing the testimonies from each of the three alleged victims, Attorney Draskovich pointed out that each of the three women was intoxicated and were merely experiencing cases of “buyer’s remorse” the morning after. Richards even drove the 25-year-old woman in the 2014 case home the following morning, where she was greeted by her angry boyfriend.

Each of the women who claimed Richards raped them indicated feeling a change after consuming the drinks he purchased for them. However, test results found no such evidence. During cross examination, Attorney Draskovich challenged the alleged victim from the 2014 case, pointing out that she lied to Richards about where she lived, making her capable of lying about other things. She also admitted to having consumed 4 glasses of wine during her dinner that evening, and numerous vodka drinks while at the club with Richards.

In regards to the 2002 case, the woman who claims Richards raped her says the two of them went to his vehicle after dancing, and when he tried to have sex she told him “no.” Afterwards, she admits, they returned to the club and she introduced Richards to her friends.

During the trial, 4 women who’ve previously been in relationships with Richards spoke about his character, and insisted he treated them with respect. The jury, which was composed of 7 people, 5 women and 2 men, acquitted Richards of the charges of kidnapping and rape, releasing him from Clark County Detention Center, where he had been held since his arrest in early 2016.

For more information about this case, visit the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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